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Author Topic: UT2004 HackBase v. 3369  (Read 3740 times)


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UT2004 HackBase v. 3369
« on: March 21, 2011, 08:56:05 PM »

Quote from: CheatatOr
Iím glad to present you the Hackbase for Unreal Tournament 2004 v. 3369 which makes it possible to create native hacks. It makes use of modified UT 2004 v. 3334 demo headers released by Temp2. The headers are partial though, so you would have to use the C++ headers from the public release of Unreal version 432 to complete them if needed.

The Hackbase contains a 2D Radar, 3D Radar and a wallhack example. There is also a detour hook included and some basic functions for drawing, iterating and initializing. Itís in my opinion well organized and commented, so everything should be understandable with some basic C++ knowledge.

The source project is set up for Visual C++ 2008, but it should compile in older version with minimal changes as well.

Please give credits to me and the following people  if you use this source as base: Temp2 (demo headers), [D≤]Dualz (detour hook example), [D≤]Keytonic (method of creating a pawn list, getting camera location without hooking), [D≤]HelioS (supporting the public scene in the good old days), Daru (bounding box radar).

Read the readme.html before using for license related information and tips for extend this base with public code.