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Author Topic: Alternative loading method 2  (Read 2876 times)


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Alternative loading method 2
« on: March 21, 2011, 08:51:08 PM »

Quote from: HyPeR-X
Another great release brought to you by ddeath.net


Here's another loading method, it's not working 100% flawlesly because of the replacing of the scoreboard but you'll get the point. The only thing you have to do to get this example to work is add this:

Code: [Select]

to your user.ini and compile the file with ucc. To start it ingame press the F7 key and you will see some test message comming up on the left side. This way gives you access to:

  • Tick
  • Render
  • Exec

The way it works is very simple, it gets loaded by the streaminteraction class on its Initialize event, then once our class is loaded it will call the initialize event of our class which will then set your user.ini in such a way that the commands 'ShowMenu' and 'ShowScores' will be changed to 'Streamdebug Showmenu | Showmenu' and 'Streamdebug ShowScores' it will also add this command 'Streamdebug Renderhook' to your F7 key. Now pressing F7 will load up your render hook and give you access to render and tick.

- HyPz