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Author Topic: MorbiD-Windows-1.1  (Read 3338 times)


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« on: August 08, 2014, 01:46:04 PM »

MorbiD-Windows Read-Me:

:::::::::::::::::::How to include:::::::::::::::::::

1.) Copy 'MorbiD-Windows.cpp' and 'MorbiD-Windows.h' in your project folder
2.) Open your project (your hook source:P)
3.) Add MorbiD-Windows.cpp to your source files
4.) Add MorbiD-Windows.h   to your header files
5.) Include MorbiD-Windows.h in your main header file
   the command is: #include "MorbiD-Windows.h"
6.) Go to MorbiD-Windows.cpp and Modify the name of the Main header file
   (Standart is: HookMaster.h)
7.) Do the same as in 6 with the MoriD-Windows.h file
8.) Add this line to on top of your postrender:


9.) Add this line to your preplayerinput:

10.) Use the commands as described below and have fun:P


In order to create a window you need to do this:

1.) Create a new function like void DrawMyWindows(UCanvas * Canvas) and include it in your postrender
    Or just write everything in your postrender;)

2.) Add at the buttom of this function folowing command: MWindow.CreateMouse();
    and keep it at the buttom else it will be drown behind the windows;)

2.) Declare the window: MorbidWindow Window1; (or instead of window1 the variable name you want to use)

3.) then use drawwindow: MWindow.DrawWindow()

    The parameters are as folowed:

   - Window (the variable you declared in the last step) :Morbidwindow
   - xPosition of the window               :float
   - YPosition of the window               :float
   - Width (the horizontal lengh)                        :float
   - Height (vertical lengh)                             :float
   - Style (if you want to use a title box or not)       :int
   - Traslucent(if you can look trough)            :bool
   - Title (use: TEXT("Your title")  )             :TCHAR*

To add a checkbox you need to do this:

1.) Create a window(recomended)
2.) use this command: MWindow.AddCheckBox()
3.) Parameters are:
   -XPosition                     :float
   -YPosition                     :float
   -The bool that it checks(for example bautoaim)        :bool
   -Rightalinedtext(if the text is right or left)        :bool
   -The name of the box(use: TEXT("Your name")  )         :TCHAR*

4.) To check if the box was clicked use this function
    ( Mouse.CheckBoxClick())
    Parameters are:
   -XPosition of the box                  :float
   -YPosition of the box                  :float
   -Rightalinedtext(if the text is right or left)         :bool

    Use it like this:
    if( Mouse.CheckBoxClick(Yourxpos,yourypos,false or true)
   //do something if the box is activated like:
   bAutoAim = !bAutoAim; //autoaim on off

To add a Button you need to do this:

1.) use this command: MWindow.AddButton
2.) Im not going to explain the parameters once again its similiar to the onse above
3.) To check if it was pressed use this function:
    Just like the checkbox click with the diference that you also have to define the widht and height (and no rightalinedtext;) )

Other Commands:

From here on i hope you understood the system how this all works ;)
Further commands are:

MWindow.DrawRadarBox()      //Creates a radar box
MWindow.AddStatic()      //Adds a static (black box)
MWindow.DrawText()      //Draws a normal text
MWindow.MakeShadowText()   //Draws a stylish shadow text

All you still need are some parameters like the colors.

To define a specifil color use this function:

Color.Black();         //black color
Color.White();         //white color
....            and so on

Fonts are:


Feel free to look around in the files and feel free to modify them;)

I got a tip for you if you didnt guess it allready;)

Create child elements like checkboxes and buttons just after youve drawn the window!


Credits go 2:   
      Helios      : for all his tutorials an everything he ever made;)
      N4ps3r      : for his help whenever i need it
      Cheatat0r   : for support thx m8;)
      Cheaterelite: 1337
      Daru      : For releasing his source(i used it as a base:P)

Ive added an example project in visual studio .net feel free to play around;)

Give me some credits if you use this have fun:P