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Bytehacking Guide for UTScript


Nice tut which introduce you to bythacking ;)

Password: utcheats.tk

i was looking for this, thanx niggah :D

any bytehacked file probably can't pass ACE 's MD5 check, but for educational purpose, i still appreciate this post

--- Quote from: osGb` from other websites ---Choco Package Editor - An unreal package editing tool that allows you to change / modify / deobscurificate any .u package.

--- End quote ---
this tool let u modify .u package through byte-changing and decompile your input right away if it's a valid input/code, certainly helpful for bytehack

external link: http://www.hhbr.com.br/download/to-aot/ferramentas/Editores/ChocoPackageEdit.rar
or via attachment


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