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Why can't I see Tactical Ops servers anymore?
You can't see the servers anymore because the main masterserver used on this game has been shutdown. In order to see servers again you must change the default masterserver to another one. You can do it by changing some settings in your TacticalOps.ini, or either your windows' host file. But let's go with the first one now.

The following configuration will allow you to see again the active server in your game browser.

So let's get started and open your TacticalOps.ini located in the System folder where you installed the game.

Open it and search for [UBrowserAll] section and add the following lines:

--- Quote ---[UBrowserAll]
--- End quote ---

Now search for [UBrowser.UBrowserMainClientWindow] and change the following setting to true:

--- Quote ---bKeepMasterServer=True
--- End quote ---

Now wou will be able to see all UT99 servers, and TO ones aswell.
But in case you want to see only the TO ones, you must changes others settings;

Open the UBrowser.int located on your system folder and add this line:

--- Quote ---[ServerListTitles]
UBrowserTO=Tactical Ops Servers
--- End quote ---

Now open your TacticalOps.ini:

search again for

--- Quote ---[UBrowser.UBrowserMainClientWindow]
--- End quote ---
   and add

--- Quote ---ServerListNames[X]=UBrowserTO
--- End quote ---

Fill 'X' with a number of a empty line.

Then add this new section after the whole [UBrowser.UBrowserMainClientWindow] section

--- Quote ---[UBrowserTO]

--- End quote ---

In this case with TO340 you will only receive Tactical Ops 3.4.0 servers, in case you want to see servers of other versions you should change TO340 to one of these:

s_SWAT for all versions under the 3.4.0 (so 1.6, 2.2.0, 3.1.9, 3.3.2 etc.)
TO350 for TacticalOps 3.5.0

Or either download the already made files in the attachments

readme of files

--- Quote ---Website: http: //www.game-database.eu (offline)
Autor: Andy
Contact: webmaster@game-database.eu (offline)



Title: How can I see all TO Servers again in Masterserver-List?

Answer: Use an alternative masterserver
        Follow these steps



1. Download the .zip file, unzip it.

2. After that you see three files UBrowser.int, TacticalOps.ini and the opengl file.

3. Move these files into your Infogrames/Tactical Ops/System
   not Infogrames/Tactical Ops/TacticalOps/System !!!

4. Make a backup of your old TacticalOps.ini.

If you have still questions or problems, you can mail me: webmaster@game-database.eu

Updated: 24.11.2014



Title: Wie kann ich wieder alle TO Server in der Masterserver-Liste sehen?

Antwort: Nutze die alternativen Masterserver
         Erledige diese Schritte



1. Downloade die .zip Datei, entpacke sie nun

2. Danach wirst du folgende Dateien sehen können: UBrowser.int, TacticalOps.ini und den aktuellsten Opengl-Treiber.

3. Verschiebe diese Dateien in den Ordner Infogrames/Tactical Ops/System
   Nicht Infogrames/Tactical Ops/TacticalOps/System !!!

4. Mach von deiner alten TacticalOps.ini eine Kopie, falls etwas schief laufen sollte.

Solltest du trotzdem Fragen oder Probleme haben, kannst du mir jederzeit schreiben: webmaster@game-database.eu

Aktualisiert: 24.11.2014
--- End quote ---

thanks. turned my language to german or something but works

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