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Author Topic: Demo Recorder utility  (Read 5088 times)


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Demo Recorder utility
« on: January 19, 2015, 09:47:44 AM »

Title                   : UNREAL TOURNAMENT DEMO MANAGER
Version         : 2.01
Filenames               : udemo.u, udemo.dll, udemo.int
Coding:         : UsAaR33
Email Address           : REMOVED TO PREVENT SPAM
Web Page                : REMOVED (Site not working)
Special Thanks      : Cerr (miscellaneous help)
           DarkByte (Help with the wonderful FSTRINGS)
           Mongo & Yoda (Help with C++ based detection of active demo recordings/playings.)
           TNSe & Garfield:  Suggestions
           Jack Porter: Making Demos possible :)
-Please note that version 2.01 merely fixes a bug where rename would crash.

--- What's new in version 2.0? ---

Unreal Tournament Demo Manager (Udemo) Version 2.0 makes 1.0 look like nothing!
Here is a full list of new features!

-Demo Analyzer:  This baby tells you EVERY file that you need to play the demo.  There is no more worrying about demos crashing because you lacked some necessary file!  On top of that, it tells the mapname and the type of demo (client or recorded server-side on a dedicated server).
-Summary Generator:  This button will write an information txt file about the demo that can be easily distributed with demos.  You will know exactly what files you need to include with the demo and others downloading it will know what packages they need. (see below for more info)
-Multiple Path support: UDEMO now supports demos in other directories besides the ut system directory!
-Auto-Recording:  Ever wanted to record a demo of every game you play?  This new feature allows you to do this with ease!  UDEMO will detect level changes and automatically record a demo, using the format that YOU specify.
-All options you select are saved when UT closes!
-Window stays in memory.  Closing does not destory the window, but merely hides it!
-Some interface changes.
-Many other improvements and bug fixes.


--- Description ---

Unreal Tournament has a truly remarkable and complex demo recording and playback system.  There was only one major problem.
This utility/mod fixes that issue.  It brings about the following enhancements:
-An easy to-use, quickly loading, in-game browser of demos.  You can choose to play any demo found in the configurable demo directories.
-Additional Options to record, stop, rename, and delete demos.
-All 3 demo options (3rdperson, noframecap, timebased) are easily selectable.  And yes, the loop option is intentionally not there.
-Fixes the annoying player name being reset bug. (note that for this to work, you must play demos from the manager itself)
-All that new stuff in the above paragraph :)

--- Requirements---

Because this mod makes use of Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLL's), it requires a Win32 based system (Windows 9x, NT, 2000, ME) and UT version 432 or higher.  If you are interested in porting the mod to other OS's please e-mail me for more information.


--- CSHP Issues ---

Just because I do not wish to be spammed with e-mails over this question, I will say this once and once only:
UDEMO will not be falsely detected as a cheat under any past, present, or future CSHP version.  It is completely safe to use the mod during multiplayer games.


--- Installation--

Simply run the UMOD file found in the ZIP.
In case you are among the unfortunate people who have problems with running umods, simply extract the UMOD to unrealtournament\system.  Then run:
c:\unrealtournament\system\setup install udemo.umod

You can also simply reaccociate UMOD files (in the file types menu of windows) with c:\unrealtournament\system\setup install


--- Usage--

Please see the UdemoInterface.JPG file for a visual explaination of the menus.
I recommend enabling status help when learning the interface.
Special features:

-Requirements Table:
Please note that custom packages are defined as being non-default, not found in Bonus Pack 1, not found in Bonus Pack 4, and not the demo's map itself.
-Auto-Recording: To make this work, you must open the demo manager every time UT starts up.  I would have loved to make it automatic, but because of Version 432, this is not possible.  Also note that auto-recording occurs after the next level change, not in the current level.  Furthermore, auto-recording is "smart" in that it will never overwrite another demo (it will simply substitute the %n with a number increment or add -(number increment) at the end.  Oh, and if you want a summary made, you will need to select the demo (after recording is finished) and generate one yourself.
-Formatting for Auto-Record: I have chosen to take the most flexible path toward custom formatting.  Any legal character for file names or "flags" may be entered.  Valid flags are desribed on that menu page.  Flags are substituted with other information (server name, time, etc.)
-Stop and Record Buttons: You cannot stop a demo if one is not being played or recorded.  You cannot record a demo if one is already being played or recorded.  Consequently, both buttons are never hidden or shown together.
-Analyzing: Analyzing has a small glitch where it cannot tell if a demo file is invalid.  If the screenshot window continues to say it is reading information, but no activity can be seen in the table window, that demo is probably faulty and should be deleted.
-Summary Button:  Clicking on the summary button will save a (demoname)Info.txt file in the directory where that demo is located.  For instance, a demo named "cool.dem" in the system directory would save a file called CoolInfo.txt in the system directory.
A summary looks as follows (from the file newbieownageInfo.txt):
Demo summary auto-generated by Unreal Tournament Demo Manager 2.0
Available at REMOVED (Site not working)

newbieownage.dem Information:

Map name: dm-deck16][.unr
Demo Type: Client-Side
Cheat Protection: CSHP4+.U (cached as '7C878F4011D599CAA000D0B33D7651CC.uxx')

File Requirements:
-Bonus Pack 4
-AdvWebAdmin (cached as 'D23BA4D1465626D9DCA7B6A57116573B.uxx')
Note that the Package name as well as the cache name (that is the file name that package has when downloaded from a server into the cache folder) are given for all custom packages.

--- Future Possibilities ---
Udemo 1.0 was all about a simple browser of demos.
Udemo 2.0 took the interface further with its analyzer, as well as adding a demo auto-record function and a summary generator.  It is all about information.
Udemo 3.0 will be all about fixes and actual demo enhancements.  What does this mean?
-Demo playback speed controlling and pausing.  As a better of fact, the custom demo driver that does this has already been created.  Unfortunately, it crashes when loading a new map. (open unrealtournament.ini and change demorecordingdevice to udemo.udemodriver to experience this first-hand).  Both Yoda and Mongo (who are working with the unreal warfare engine), highly experienced programmers with unreal, do not know what is going wrong.  I cannot even be sure this will be fixed by 3.0 :(
-File downloading!  Are you missing needed files?  No more hunting around for them.  udemo 3.0 will be able to connect to standard redirect servers (compressed and non-compressed) and download the files for you!
-Version mismatch checks: Tired of version mismatches?   3.0 will detect and hopefully solve them :)
-Will use ALL of TNSe's enhancements from his jolt demo enhancer.  This means scoreboard in server demos.  Also, the infamous server demo 1st-person bug should be fixed.  In fact, plenty of other bugs related to playback will be fixed as well.
-Possible: Auto-generate summary when auto-recording.
-Possible, but not likely: Demo udemo generator that includes demo, info TXT and all needed files.
-Any other ideas? Send 'em to EMAIL REMOVED TO PREVENT SPAM

Unreal Tournament (c) 1999 and UNREAL (c)1998 Epic Megagames, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 
Distributed by GT Interactive Software, Inc. under license.  UNREAL and the UNREAL logo
are registered trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. All other trademarks and trade
names are properties of their respective owners.
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