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 on: December 07, 2019, 12:18:26 PM 
Started by ^Skillz^20Hz - Last post by wasup
Can you PM me the password :-[

 on: November 20, 2019, 07:33:18 PM 
Started by slony7 - Last post by slony7
Hi guys!

Anyone have undedectet cheat for TO AOT 3.4 ?

 on: November 17, 2019, 11:10:05 AM 
Started by datshottho - Last post by datshottho
Any1 have D4 Console?Pretty plz?

 on: October 22, 2019, 12:07:40 PM 
Started by Nice Grabber - Last post by Silverprad
It works perfectly well for me. Just follow all the steps given in the readme file. Backup first. Extract files to respective folder. Run the patch installer (mine is goty version). Once everything is done, you should see elfmod in mod menu in the game. Good luck.

My specs:
Ut Goty.
No pure installed before
Windows 8.1
I only used for offline single player, so don't know how it works in internet servers.

 on: October 03, 2019, 09:21:41 AM 
Started by awayof - Last post by datshottho
If you can get an admin to change it for you, cool.

----IP2C flag change----
First, find your current ip in the slot.

admin get iptocountry.linkactor ipdata 41

Then set it.

admin set iptocountry.linkactor ipdata 41

Reconnect and you'll have the flag.

 on: August 11, 2019, 09:57:15 AM 
Started by nfck - Last post by lien
That's because it inject a DLL into game process which looks suspicious for anti virus software.

 on: November 18, 2018, 05:03:07 PM 
Started by lien - Last post by lien
CHEAT: LoqueBot for UnrealTournament 4

  • 3 months subscription - 35 EUR
  • 6 months subscription - 45 EUR

  • Radar 3D
    • Visibility checks
    • Healthbars

  • There is no anti cheat


 on: August 19, 2018, 02:33:04 PM 
Started by Shell - Last post by lien
any updates?

The cheat is being tested by our ut99 vip members.

 on: July 01, 2018, 12:07:34 AM 
Started by Shell - Last post by xan777
any updates?

 on: June 18, 2018, 07:42:40 AM 
Started by Keygen - Last post by Keygen
/////  Unbann v2.0 coded by CheaterElite's team
///   PRIVATE             

//////////////                                                                    /!\

!!! WARNING !!!
It is possible to mess up files within your game directory
and sub-directories and can cause permanent damage on your computer
through reckless use of this tool. If you're not sure about doing
something, then don't do it. It is recommended that you read this
text file before using the program.

DO NOT Contact us nor write in our forums if you can't get this hack to work.
It is NOT a public tool, if it won't work, perhaps you're not allowed to use
it and we strongly suggest you to delete it from your hard drive now.

//////////////                                                                    /!\
//What it is:

This is a tool (not a cheat) able to remove your external client IP address (excluding proxies)
from a v436 server's TOST banlist - (upd to: v4.2.4.0):c2VydmVyIHRocm91Z2ggYSB1ZHAgdHJhbnNtaXNzaW9uIGJ1ZywgV0lUSE9VVCBhZG1pbiBwcml2aWxlZ2VzLg==
VGhpcyBwcm9ncmFtIGVtYmVkIGFsc28gdGhlIEF1dGhVbkJhbm4gd2hpY2ggYWxsb3dzIGEgY2xpZW50IG9mIGEgYmFubmVkIElQCnRvIGpvaW4gd /n GhlIHNlcnZlciBsaWtlIGEgbm9ybWFsIHBsYXllciwgYWx0aG91Z2ggdGhlIElQIGlzIGJhbm5lZCBvbiB0aGUgYmFubGlzdC4KVGhpcyB1c2luZyBUT /n


//////////////                                                                    /!\
//How it works:

It will create and tunneling UDP packets between your client IP and the server.

In poor words sends hacked packets to the target IP server as if it were executed with
administrative privileges to remove your client IP from the TOST banlist.

It's designed to be used with Tactical Ops 3.3.2 & 3.4.0, although the basic tunneling
is not a game version specific in any way (it can be used as a base to modify raw packets in any version really).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happy to know that TOST has been made by incompetents and clueless fucktards with no idea
of what they're doing (this tool is has support of it). So it's no wonder that TOST adopts a ridicolous
method to handle players and connections from banned address because these clients may maintain the
connection and still send data after the server closes it (we have also found a lot of interesting bugs
 and other things involved, in the meantime we will release them).

Btw, for the TOST lovers out there (which we know you've got this tool - and you won't get far away),
this tool won't work with a basic TO ban, which is basically the game engine ban made for UT99 -
because it simply doesn't use the shitty TOST ban with their moronic method. So we encourage the Tactical Ops
team to think twice before letting someone modify their game, such as the TOST "team", because doing so is a security risk.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


////////////////                                                                    /!\
//How to use it:


In case of failed authentication update your nooseid_db1.dll


//////////////                                                                    /!\

        - The client crashing problems should really be gone now :).

          However, it is recommended that the broadcaster always restart
          at the beggining of every ban session.

          Other than that there should not be any bugs.
          I don't count missing stuff as bugs since we need to write code to support them.


//////////////                                                                    /!\

   Nothing, Unbann is not a cheat.


//////////////                                                                    /!\

        HelioS       : For his tutorials and releases
        n4pst3r      : For his support, help and releases
        Ahndy        : For releasing his source (we used it as a base :P)
        reepo2k      : The creator! :D
        The crew     : You are the best...

        P.S          : TimTim, we made it you ignorant fuck!

//////////////                                                                    /!\
//About us:

The Crew:      CheaterElite

Kontakt:      adminpower@cheaterelite.de


/////////////////                                                                 /!\
//IRC & Support:

IRC:         irc.GIGAirc.net
Channel:      #cheaterelite

TeamSpeak:              ts.cheaterelite.de:1200

/////////                                                                cheaterelite

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