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Mutators & modifications / Dodgerv75
« on: August 20, 2014, 01:31:24 PM »
This is Dodger v75

To use, just install it to your UnrealTournament folder. Then, to use it in the game, just goto
options->player setup
and set your class to one of the QuickDodge classes!
the recommended keys are:

q - dodgeleft
e - dodgeright
shift - dodgeback
z OR middlemouse - dodgeforward

to change key bindings:
goto the mod menu and click configure dodge keys.

This is a MOD, not a mutator or gametype. To use it in multiplayer, make sure the server you want to play on has this mod installed. If the server has it, players will be able to use it (but they don't have to if they don't want to) freely. To make a server running it, find a file called UnrealTournament.ini in your UT\system folder, then find the heading "[Engine.GameEngine]". under that heading, by the others, add this line:

This is a client side mod. This means that the player must have it installed to use it on a server (and vice versa).

for the next version, you will be able to select your preferred dodge method and use either or both the old doubletap method and the new hotkey method.

Other mods by me
King Of The Arena
Headshot Arena

Mutators & modifications / ASC 760 LS
« on: August 20, 2014, 01:24:19 PM »
What is ASC? :

+ ASC is an Add-On/ServerActor for UT servers, featuring client tools, admin tools, and advanced mod tools for matches.
+ It was made for a UT CTF Server, but it is now compatible with all gametypes and mutators.
+ See features part for more information, but you can just install it and look at all functions in with the ASC window.

- There are a ton, so the best thing to do is just install it and see for yourself!

- 8 levels, Login System and Commands :


- are Not limited by the level 1 player limit.
- can wear the protected tag

- Kick
- Broadcast a message on the ASC HUD

- Are Not limited by the level 3 player limit.
- Change map

- Ban/Unban

- Match Administration
- Control players (Team, Slot ...)
- Control the advanced Tournament Mod :
- Force start
- Auto Pause
- Move players to another server by IP
- Control the advanced Passworded Mod :
- Allows Spectators without password
- Send password

Level 7 : ROOT USERS
- Setup the server (boot, MOTD, levels size ...)

Other Features

- HUD Colored Messages
- Built-In Kick Idle Players V2
- Team-kill, Respawn, Frags, and Tag protections
- Team-Balancer
- Anti-Spammer
- Booting (Random map, set mutators)
- Messaging MOTD
- Remote Controller Window

Not even half the features are listed, as there are so many.
The 'Configuration Options' mentioned above should be a good explination of it all.

Tag Protection allows admins to set so that nobody can enter with a fake server or clan tag on.
For example, clan UrS has their members set at level 2.
So their clan tag, "UrS" can not be worn by anyone that is not level 2 or higher.
If they do enter without the proper level, they are kicked. Once they either remove the tag,
or enter at the proper level, then they may re-enter the server.

You can also set "SLOTS".
Let's say you have a 14 player public clan server. You can make 10 public slots,
2 more slots for "VIP" (clan/server friends), and a final 2 slots for members/admins/whoever.
This ensures that clan members can always play on their own server.
But some admins may not like this setup, and that's OK.
It can be disabled by setting all slots to the same number (for example 14 / 14 / 14)
   NOTE : If you set MaxPlayers to 0, ASC will read the maxplayers from your server's INI file instead
   This will mean that after tournament mode has been disabled, you will have to manually reset the MaxPlayers limits in your server's INI file.
   Unless you have multiple servers running from the same SYSTEM folder and using different server ini files for each, you should not set MaxPlayers to 0!

"KEYS" for the different levels are sent through the ASC. You simply select a player's name,
then select the action. This eliminates the need for having to take the time to e-mail them.
It's simple and fast.

The ASC comes with advanced tournament capabilites,
including the ability to lock down the player count when the tournament begins (no extra players).
Also, it comes with the Auto-Pause mod. When tournament mode is enabled, the Auto-Pause mod can also be enabled.
This mod will instantly pause the game if any player leaves, making unfair teams.
Once another person comes to fill in that spot, the game automatically will resume.


Mutators & modifications / ACEv08h (Anti-Cheat Engine: UT99 - TO)
« on: August 20, 2014, 01:17:28 PM »
Thought I'd post ACEv08h for those who want to use ACE on their servers.

The readme:

                           _______  _______  _______
                          (  ___  )(  ____ \(  ____ \
                          | (   ) || (    \/| (    \/
                          | (___) || |      | (__   
                          |  ___  || |      |  __)   
                          | (   ) || |      | (     
                          | )   ( || (____/\| (____/\
                          |/     \|(_______/(_______/

                            for Unreal Tournament
                           (c) 2009-2010 - AnthraX

1) Introduction

For the full documentation, please go to LINK REMOVED: UNREALADMIN SUX
This document only contains installation instructions for ACE.

2) Installation

*************** UPGRADING FROM A PREVIOUS ACE V0.8G INSTALLATION **************

* Unzip this package into your server's UT folder. Make sure that the Logs and
Shots folders are created!
* Reboot your server. The rest of the installation is automatic.

*************** UPGRADING FROM A PREVIOUS ACE V0.6Q INSTALLATION **************

* Unzip this package into your server's UT folder. Make sure that the Logs and
Shots folders are created!

* Open your server's UnrealTournament.ini file and browse to the
[Engine.GameEngine] section.

* Find:
  Replace with:
* Reboot your server. The rest of the installation is automatic.
***************** UPGRADING FROM A UTDC/UTDCPLUS INSTALLATION *****************

* Unzip this package into your server's UT folder. Make sure that the Logs and
Shots folders are created!

* Open your server's UnrealTournament.ini file and browse to the
[Engine.GameEngine] section.

* Delete ALL ServerActors and ServerPackages with   
  UTDC, UTDCPlus OR NPLoader in them.
* Add:


* Reboot your server. The rest of the installation is automatic.
************************* INSTALLING ON A CLEAN SERVER ************************

* Unzip this package into your server's UT folder. Make sure that the Logs and
Shots folders are created!

* Open your server's UnrealTournament.ini file and browse to the
[Engine.GameEngine] section.

* Add:
* Reboot your server. The rest of the installation is automatic.


3) Settings

For most people, ACE v0.8 will work fine with the default settings. Should
you run any custom mods that perform rendering or input operations and that
are not recognised by ACE, then add the following section to your server's
UnrealTournament.ini file:


Then add your mod to this list. If you run a mod called MyMod.u for example,
simply add UPackages[0]=MyMod.u. You can add up to 32 packages to this list.

4) To the mod authors

The following packages are open source:

* IACEv08c: This package contains the interfaces for many of the ACE classes.
Do NOT recompile this package! It is open source so you can see how it works.

* ACEv08h_EH: This is the ACE event handler. It is very similar to UTDC's
EventActor. You're more than welcome to edit this package and to share your

* ACEv08_AutoConfig: This is a small mod that automatically sets up the ACE
UPackages list. Once again, you're more than welcome to edit this.

I will publish the ACE whitelist in the upcoming days.

Mutators & modifications / Key Config Mod
« on: August 20, 2014, 01:12:22 PM »
== Key Config ==

To install, unzip the contents of this archive into
a directory, doesn't matter which. Then, double click
the Keyconfig.umod file. The installer will start,
guiding you trough the install process. If the installer
does NOT start, and windows asks you with which program
it should open this file, point it to
If that still doesn't work, download the manual (zip)

See the Key Config Readme.txt file in your
:\UnrealTournament\Help directory for further help
after you've succesfully installed Key Config.

For questions, comments or suggestions, mail
Bart 'eXoR' Jansen at REMOVED

General Discussion / Re: Need to know something
« on: August 19, 2014, 09:35:05 PM »
I will test this out. I will come back with the result.

General Discussion / Does anyone have these cheats?
« on: August 16, 2014, 12:08:08 PM »
1. InfernoMod v4.0

2. Touch of Death 2.0

3. UTimer 1v0.001

4. Animation Taunts 2.0

5. antibv hacked

6. ELF BOT 3.3.2

Tutorials / h3x-2D-Radar-tutorials-v1.0
« on: August 08, 2014, 02:00:13 PM »
This is a precompiled hack with TUT included.


       Project : [xEvO]Radar
       Version : 1.0
       Coder   : [xEvO]h3x
       Site    : http://www.xevolution.net/
       Game    : Tactical Ops 3.4

      ░▒▓█   INCLUDED FILES    █▓▒░

       xEvORadar.txt (This Readme file)
       xEvORadar.u   (The Radar file)
       xEvORadar     (Folder with needed files to compile)
       System        (Folder with needed files to compile)

      ░▒▓█    INSTALL NOTES    █▓▒░

       Copy xEvORadar.u in you FIRST system folder.
       Ex. : C:\Games\Tactical Ops\System\

       Then open your TacticalOps.ini and find this line :

       And replace it with this one :

       Don't forget to backup your replaced line ;)

      ░▒▓█    CODING NOTES     █▓▒░
       1. █ For beginners █

           Copy the "xEvORadar" folder to your TacticalOps directory.
           Ex. : c:\Games\Tactical Ops\

           Copy the "SDK" folder, the "editores" folder, UnrealTournament.ini,
           ucc.exe, Editor.int, edsplash.bmp, UnrealED.exe, UnrealED.ini and
           UnrealED.int to your FIRST system folder.
           Ex. : c:\Games\Tactical Ops\System\

           Change what you wan't in xEvO_Console.uc and compile by clicking on
           "Compile.bat" in "xEvORadar" folder.

       2. █ For advanced coders █

           Take the code and put it in your own bot ;)
           (Don't forget to give me credits :p)

      ░▒▓█     HOW TO USE      █▓▒░

       Simply start a new game and enjoy :p

      ░▒▓█    PERSONAL NOTE    █▓▒░

       The radar is only for learning purpose. So this Radar WON'T work online.

       Msn : ihatelamerz@hotmail.com
       Icq : 335939333

      ░▒▓█  THANKS GO OUT TO   █▓▒░

       [ELF]HelioS : I learned all i know about UScripting from his
                     tuts and bots : BIG THX m8 ;)

Tutorials / HelioS-Aimbot-Tutorial-v1.1-TO
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:58:19 PM »
Tactical Ops USCRIPT Aimbot tut by HelioS

Tutorials / GrimsBuildABot
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:55:28 PM »
Not sure if this is the right game for this tut....

ADMINS can move this if YOU know.

Tutorials / uscript.gui.menuTUT
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:52:51 PM »
 Project : HelioSBot2004
 Version : 1.0
 Coder   : [ELF]HelioS
 Site    : <removed reference to blacklisted domain>
 Note    : Works on both UT2004 Demo and Retail
 Moded By: аgrief (Added GUI Menu)
      The author of this release will not be held resposible for any
      actions you do with this product.
      Unpack the archive in you UT2004\System directory
            Open UT2004.ini and find the [XInterface.ExtendedConsole] section
            replace "ServerInfoMenu=GUI2K4.UT2K4ServerInfo" with "ServerInfoMenu=HelioSBot2004.MyInfo"
            Bind "ServerInfo" to a key
            Bind "menu" to a key
            ingame hit key bound to serverinfo to activate bot
            then hit key bound to menu to bring up menu
      Someone asked me to write a tut on making a menu so i decided to take
      HelioS's old bot and add a menu to it so people can see how its done.
      If you read my source and find a better way to do something make sure
      to get in contact with me because you deserve a cookie.
      HelioS : For releasing this bot and for all teh leeb things you do
      Lamers : All of а, [ELF], UTCHEATS...  Viva La Resistance.            

Tutorials / Unreal-Engine-2-Core-Hook-v1.2
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:51:37 PM »
An engine hook tut for UT2003.

Not sure about UT2004.

Tutorials / Infinituz_TO_Tutorial2.0
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:49:36 PM »
README IS IN PORTUGUESE, sov i don't want to post the readme. It will still be in the rar though.

Tutorials / MorbiD-Windows-1.1
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:46:04 PM »
MorbiD-Windows Read-Me:

:::::::::::::::::::How to include:::::::::::::::::::

1.) Copy 'MorbiD-Windows.cpp' and 'MorbiD-Windows.h' in your project folder
2.) Open your project (your hook source:P)
3.) Add MorbiD-Windows.cpp to your source files
4.) Add MorbiD-Windows.h   to your header files
5.) Include MorbiD-Windows.h in your main header file
   the command is: #include "MorbiD-Windows.h"
6.) Go to MorbiD-Windows.cpp and Modify the name of the Main header file
   (Standart is: HookMaster.h)
7.) Do the same as in 6 with the MoriD-Windows.h file
8.) Add this line to on top of your postrender:


9.) Add this line to your preplayerinput:

10.) Use the commands as described below and have fun:P


In order to create a window you need to do this:

1.) Create a new function like void DrawMyWindows(UCanvas * Canvas) and include it in your postrender
    Or just write everything in your postrender;)

2.) Add at the buttom of this function folowing command: MWindow.CreateMouse();
    and keep it at the buttom else it will be drown behind the windows;)

2.) Declare the window: MorbidWindow Window1; (or instead of window1 the variable name you want to use)

3.) then use drawwindow: MWindow.DrawWindow()

    The parameters are as folowed:

   - Window (the variable you declared in the last step) :Morbidwindow
   - xPosition of the window               :float
   - YPosition of the window               :float
   - Width (the horizontal lengh)                        :float
   - Height (vertical lengh)                             :float
   - Style (if you want to use a title box or not)       :int
   - Traslucent(if you can look trough)            :bool
   - Title (use: TEXT("Your title")  )             :TCHAR*

To add a checkbox you need to do this:

1.) Create a window(recomended)
2.) use this command: MWindow.AddCheckBox()
3.) Parameters are:
   -XPosition                     :float
   -YPosition                     :float
   -The bool that it checks(for example bautoaim)        :bool
   -Rightalinedtext(if the text is right or left)        :bool
   -The name of the box(use: TEXT("Your name")  )         :TCHAR*

4.) To check if the box was clicked use this function
    ( Mouse.CheckBoxClick())
    Parameters are:
   -XPosition of the box                  :float
   -YPosition of the box                  :float
   -Rightalinedtext(if the text is right or left)         :bool

    Use it like this:
    if( Mouse.CheckBoxClick(Yourxpos,yourypos,false or true)
   //do something if the box is activated like:
   bAutoAim = !bAutoAim; //autoaim on off

To add a Button you need to do this:

1.) use this command: MWindow.AddButton
2.) Im not going to explain the parameters once again its similiar to the onse above
3.) To check if it was pressed use this function:
    Just like the checkbox click with the diference that you also have to define the widht and height (and no rightalinedtext;) )

Other Commands:

From here on i hope you understood the system how this all works ;)
Further commands are:

MWindow.DrawRadarBox()      //Creates a radar box
MWindow.AddStatic()      //Adds a static (black box)
MWindow.DrawText()      //Draws a normal text
MWindow.MakeShadowText()   //Draws a stylish shadow text

All you still need are some parameters like the colors.

To define a specifil color use this function:

Color.Black();         //black color
Color.White();         //white color
....            and so on

Fonts are:


Feel free to look around in the files and feel free to modify them;)

I got a tip for you if you didnt guess it allready;)

Create child elements like checkboxes and buttons just after youve drawn the window!


Credits go 2:   
      Helios      : for all his tutorials an everything he ever made;)
      N4ps3r      : for his help whenever i need it
      Cheatat0r   : for support thx m8;)
      Cheaterelite: 1337
      Daru      : For releasing his source(i used it as a base:P)

Ive added an example project in visual studio .net feel free to play around;)

Give me some credits if you use this have fun:P

Tutorials / pipoBotTUT
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:44:29 PM »
//   pipoBot by den_p1p0

//   What is this:
   Example how to mix C++ and UT script.

//   How to use:
   Put the files in dir MyGameDir in the game dir, like: C:\UnrealTournament\ .
   Unpack the public ut432 SDK here also.
   Make sure to set your active configuration to Release.

   This hack has to be set in ini ->

//   Licence:
   You use it for everything you want, so long you give credit for what you use from this package.

Cheats / Re: [BCC]Xmas-Radar 3.0
« on: June 29, 2014, 03:39:29 PM »

They'll do fine. THX.

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