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I was playing UT99 with elfLITE 3.4 when I though of something that HelioS said on the last forum  "UTCHEATS.INFO".

HelioS said:  "I cannot figure out how to code the radar so it shows:

                                           █     Name
                                         ████  H: 100
                                           █     D: 12

So what I done was downloaded the Source Code of elfLITE 3.4 and added the code myself.

Thanks to [ELF]HelioS for a cool aimbot.



whats is the Password?

ok i got the Passwords but it has a trojan


I would this is false positive. Prolly because of patchers that does patch game files.

Yeah.. It honestly has NO malware in it.. If it did, I wouldn't upload it. X3

Anti-Virus Devs flag these patches because They are mainly used for software piracy, so they try to frighten people into thinking it's malware.

Although, Reverse Engineers CAN but Backdoors in the Keygens they make, so really I can see where they're coming from. XD

But no, in this case, this patch has NO malware.


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