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Author Topic: Re: no lighting hack by ^Skillz^20hz  (Read 1124 times)


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Re: no lighting hack by ^Skillz^20hz
« on: August 01, 2020, 09:28:28 PM »

HEY THERE Skillz,I appreciate your chets and all of that

but i try the nolighting tweak like you said

i did a file that called nolighting in the "system" folder

i open "Text Document"

and i did save as (filename) "nolighting.set"

save as type "ALL FILES"

when i open the game i open system console and start to type Exec nolighting.set (this is what i type in the console tab)

and then its open me the preferences menu

when i in the server and i open system console and start typing Exec nolighting.set

its said to me that the exec commads are disable
and its also says  the nolighting file are to big 30270 Bytes

and the max is 729 Bytes

i hope you can help me


btw the file i created (nolighting) inside its empty

There should be commands there?


am i doing something Wrong?

forget about all
i see your file and the pass
i put your file in UT/System  and in side the game befor i join a "server"  i open console and start typing exec nolighting

and its said something  but when i join the server and start typing in the console its said thet the file is to large and the "exec" commands are block