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Author Topic: [UT2004] Full Cloner/Spammer  (Read 4169 times)


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[UT2004] Full Cloner/Spammer
« on: March 22, 2011, 01:28:37 PM »

Code: [Select]
// Project: UT2004 Full Cloner/Spammer
// Coder : Sanca
// Release: 1.0

// How to use.

1) Make sure you have your UT2004 patched to 3369. Demo will NOT work.
2) Drag all the files into the UT2004 System directory. (ie. C:\UT2004\System )
3) Installion complete.

// Commands.

Type 'setupkeybinds' without the quotes in the console.

Num Pad 1 is now Clone.
Num Pad 2 is now Add Slots.

Manual commands are:

cjoin - clone.
addslots - Add more player slots.
spam YourTextHere - Spams a line of text really fast.
Clone - Another method of cloning.
Cloner - Another method of cloning.

// Bypass.

This will bypass ALL AntiTCC and ClanManager, however doesn't bypass SafeGame.

// Other Info.

The timer placed on 'say' has been removed so you can keybind text with 's' now.

set input j s MOAR SPAM | OnRelease s EVEN MORE SPAM

Once you hit j, it will spam 'MOAR SPAM' and once you release it, it will
spam 'EVEN MORE SPAM' without any delay in between the two. You should tinker with this.

There will not be any updates because I'm currently working on bigger projects.