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Author Topic: [UT2004] cT-Framework v1.4  (Read 11812 times)


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[UT2004] cT-Framework v1.4
« on: March 21, 2011, 10:07:14 PM »

Quote from: CheatatOr
The cT-Framework v1.3 is a feature rich native hook for UT2004.It bypasses UT2004ís mostly used anticheats SafeGame101beta7b and AntiTCC 2009 r4 abundantly.

The so called screenshot sender disconnect closes your connection to the server whenever the screenshot taker mutator tries to take a screenshot of your screen. It is by default set to off, so make sure to activate it if you donít want to get caught by the mutator. The value for the rotation speed limiter should be adjusted for your needs before you use the aimbot. Please remember that the rotation speed is different in online games, so a slow rotation speed in offline mode doesnít mean a slow speed in multiplayer. The standard value of 100 is tested on all protections and should work fine, just in case that you donít know what you do. Another interesting feature are they hotkeys. They can be set in the ini, a list of all supported keys can be found in the readme. Make sure to change them before you enter the game because itís not possible to change them from ingame yet.

The hook does only work on windows operating systems. I gurantee of couse for no viruses or spyware in this or any other my other releases.

Itís highly recommend to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 before using this hook.

Read the following article written by me to fix the prefetch detection by Antitcc 2009: cT-Framework prefetch detection fix.


        * Aimbot
        * ShockCombo aim
        * Autofire
        * Triggerbot
        * AimAngle
        * Frendly Fire
        * 3D Radar
        * 2D Radar(+Distance Slid.)
        * Pickup Radar
        * Healthbars
        * Wallhack
        * SpawnProtect
        * Crosshair for all Weapons
        * Tabbed GUI + Console
        * ScreenShotSend. Disconnect


        * SafeGame101beta7b
        * AntiTCC 2009 r4
        * UTSecure


        * HelioS: For his tutís, Stuff and impressions.
        * r00t: For his BoundingBox code.
        * grief: For his version of creating a pawn list.
        * PizzaPan: For his KeyBoard hook tutorial.


- 1.2 -
+ added better ping correction  
+ added simple wallhack  
+ added new GUI-Style  
+ added close button to the GUI  
+ added ScreenShotSend. Disconnect  
+ added better looking crosshair  
+ added console to the GUI  
+ added winamp control cmds. to console  
+ added ini entrys for various colors  
+ added Winject as injector  
* fixed autofire on minigun  
* fixed reactivating hook bug  
* fixed crash after dying with menu vis.  
* fixed some other small bugs

- 1.3 -
+ added antitcc 2009 r4 support  
+ added different GUI styles/colors  
+ added console command "save"  
+ added console command "datetime"  
+ added moveable 2D-Radar  
+ added new pingcorrection  
+ added 2D Radar window control  
+ added Winject 1.7a  
+ added ini entry for triggerbot  
* fixed team colors  

- 1.4 -
+ added shock projectile aiming
+ added pickup radar
+ added hotkeys
+ added pingcorrection for triggerbot
+ added rotation speed entry to the ini (0 - 999)
+ added console command: ďaim:set rotationspdĒ
* recoded some parts
* improved aimbot
* improved pingcorrection
* removed headshot aim


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Re: [UT2004] cT-Framework v1.4
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2011, 01:59:48 PM »

anyone have a download for v 1.3? my old pc died and i have no backup of it :( it was the best version.