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Author Topic: [SU]-Pack Public version  (Read 2439 times)


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[SU]-Pack Public version
« on: March 29, 2018, 01:59:37 PM »


                            -=[Scripters United]=-

UWindow.u-UT-TO-SU is made for UT and TO
UWindow.u-TO-SU is only made for TO and it will give an error if you use it on UT

Replace the old UWindow.u with this UWindow.u File in the Unreal_Tournament\System directory
Use the patches for both UTmenu.u and TOPModels.u

doBot                              <-- Bot is on by default
doAim                             <-- Put Aiming mode to always
doAimWhenFire             <-- Put Aiming mode to Aim when you fire ( if doAim is on it won't change it ), on by default
doAutoFire                     <-- on by default
doSlow                            <-- on by default
do180                              <-- off by default turn 180 when Aiming
doRadar                          <-- Radar cross / names, cross by default
doPing                             <-- on by default
doFlatping                       <-- Ping Tweak
doWarning                      <-- Like in ADE_BOT
doFF                                <-- Shoot teammates, on by default
doAutoFireMode            <-- change the AutoFireMode to advaced( = 1 / simple = 0
doInfo                              <-- Radar distance / full info, distance by default
setPingCorr <Float>       <-- for ping tweak , default = 20
setSlow <Float>              <-- set the Slow Aiming Speed
doTO                                <-- set Bot to Tactical Ops Mode, if on friendlyFire is off, and AutoFireMode is Simple = 0
(doNade)                          <-- Put Nades in the Radar ( won't work in UT version off the bot )

PS: You will see that the colors change when you change Aiming Mode

-=[Scripters United]=-

Current Members:

AoT Patch Made by [SU]HelioS

* Remove recoil from all weapons
* Remove the Flashblind
* Let you buy weapons everywhere ( bind the weapons to a key )

Thx go to


*tested on TO:AoT 3.1.9 & 3.4.0 with TOST (final version) and ACE v0.8h - both can't detect it as a cheat.
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Re: [SU]-Pack Public version
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2018, 04:21:54 PM »

omg i like needed it so much 2 years ago when 3.19 was active.. but thx